перевозка негабаритных грузов

перевозка негабаритных грузов

Oversized cargoes transportation
General activity direction of TYAZH-AVTO company:

Oversized cargoes transportation

Transportation company TYAZH-AVTO was founded more than 8 years before and provides oversized, heavy-load and general cargoes transportation throughout Russia, CIS, Baltic and European countries.

Work of copmany TYAZH-AVTO is work of high professionls with experience in transportations organization from 10 to 20 years.

To fulfil oversized cargoes moving organization TYAZH-AVTO owns the rolling-stock which includes various types of machinery. For example: truck cranes, flatbeds and other special trucks.
You don't have to worry about all heavy-load cargoes transportation complexities: we will select the optimum route, transport type, transportation using enlarged blocks possibility - we will do utmost to save your money and time in any transportation!
All oversized transportations are insured. Over a long time of work we have formed stable connections with insurance companies.
You can be calm about your oversized cargo!
It will be delivered in time, safe and sound!


Перевозка негабаритных грузов на низкорамных платформах
Перевозка тяжеловесных грузов с помощью кранов
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